Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Books in 2013!

The new year has brought lots of new and exciting books to check out at our Media Center!  We are thrilled to display brand-new books for all reading levels - that both girls and boys will love - Pokemon, Captain Underpants, a tooth fairy named April, and a princess from a pinktastic place all share a new home within our library shelves this year!  Here are two books I think rock!

1.  Bigfoot Boy: Into the Woods by J. Torres & Faith Erin Hicks is the story of a 10 year old boy named Rufus and his adventures deep into the woods. Throughout his adventures, he stumbles into poison ivy, cockroaches, and a prickly girl named Penny!  Check out this book to see what happens to Rufus when he also discovers the legendary Q'achi totem and is granted with an awesome power... along with some big, bad enemies!

2.  April & Esme: Tooth Fairies by Bob Graham is another sweet book that is new to our Media Center.  The book's main character, April Underhill, is a 7 year old tooth fairy determined to show her parents that she is a grown-up!  This magical tale highlights the adventure shared between two sisters who fly off into the night to collect their first tooth by themselves!  Check out this book to find out what happens to April and her sister, Esme, on their journey to a toothless boy named Daniel's house!

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