Monday, January 28, 2013

Reading Rocks Stars, Battle of the Books, John Coltrane, and More!

Greetings families! 

We've been incredibly busy here at Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary.  
4th and 5th Grade is prepping for the Battle of the Books---our next book club, on Wednesday, January 30, is for the 4th grade BOTB Runaway Twin.  On Friday, February 1, 5th graders will meet to discuss Escape:  the Story of the Great Houdini.

Our kindergarteners have been learning about John Coltrane.  We read Carol Boston Weatherford's Before John Was a Jazz Giant.  Afterwards we enjoyed listening to Coltrane's My Favorite Things.

Our 4th graders practiced researching the Revolutionary War on the internet.  Paraphrasing information and citing sources is hard but fun work! Our 5th graders have enjoyed reviewing our almanac and index skills. As always, socrative makes it more engaging.

Finally, at last Friday's WOW we celebrated January's Reading Rock Stars.  We have so many Reading Rock Stars to congratulate!

KindergartenMadison, Morgan, Belen, Kelin, Maria, Zaiyre, Kaitlyn, Alison, Ja’Mya, Jackson
1stDeVion, Courtney, Roberto, Tadarion, Bryan, Bethzy, Namisha, Yaritzi, Emmanuel, Zahara, Carlos, Racheal, Giana, Daniel, Billy, La’kyla, Joey, Josmar, Cristian, Grace, Ketie, Randall,
Isabella, Desiree, Emma, Indiya, Jaboris, Tamia 
2ndNatasha, Gustavo, Kalli, Ashley, Emma, Emmanuel, Murphy, Amy, Alex, Wendy, Becerra, Jael, Zacarias, Edgar, Genesis, Tyler, Keitonia, Belinda, Yulini, ZaNiya, Riley, Trinity,Tamia, Lykeria,
Michael, Dynasti,Khalisah 
3rdLesly, Marcial, Kimberly, Itzel, Landon, Zykeria, Antonio, Camya, Laterrion, Roberto, Tybriana, Trey
4th:Audrey, Emma, Kameron, Luz, Aida, Jessie, Nick, Raul
5th:Kylenn, Kaelyn, Jose R., Jimena, Emanuel, Katie, Nadia, Chyna, TaNaiya, Jovitta

Remember to return your reading logs to your homeroom teacher by Wednesday, February 20 so that your hard work can be recognized.  

Happy reading!

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