Monday, February 25, 2013

Battle of the Books, New Books, Seuss-ational Readings and More

The Fifth Grade Battle of the Books will take place this Wednesday, February 27, from 10:00-12:30.  We have had several book clubs to discuss the battle books, and have twenty plus students battling.  We are very proud of all of our students who participate- no matter who wins!

Dr. Seuss' birthday is this Saturday, March 2nd.  In preparation we have been reading and discussing different Seuss gems.  Our Fourth Grade enjoyed reading the Butter Battle Book, and discussing how it connected to the Cold War.  Third Grade loves the Sneetches- it's been fun to discuss how Seuss was inspired to write by the Civil Rights movement..  Our 2nd Grade has been enjoying Oh the Places You'll Go. And Kindergarten and First are thrilled to discover how birthdays are spent in Katroo with the fun filled classic Happy Birthday to You!

Last Friday, we received a shipment of 140 new books, which our UGA interns quickly processed.  Most of them have already been checked out!  We now have great new animal series, books about motor vehicles, insects, Star Wars, Pokemon, My Weird School, the complete Sideways Stories Collection, and more!  Fun for everyone, with more on the way soon.

Lastly, this week, ACC Librarians Rebecca Ballard and Kim James have been meeting with grades K-4 to encourage our students and families to visit the ACC Library.  Next Monday, March 4, we even have a special event- OAES Night at the ACC Library.  Come to the ACC Library from 5:30-7:30 on that night- say hi to Ms. Sugiuchi and Ms. Orozco, and we will give you an ice cream coupon.  The best part is that you can sign up for a library card (if you don't have one) and check out lots of new books.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

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