Monday, May 6, 2013

In Praise of our UGA Library Interns, OAES PTA and All Other Volunteers/ Poetry Off the Page, Round 2

This past semester, several UGA students - Amanda Baldowski, Ana Echols, Claire Ruhlin, Christina Graves, Hannah Cleveland, Kaitlyn Spotts and Leslie Michaels- volunteered in the OAES Library.  These ladies did a lot of the grunt work that you don't notice in a library- shelving thousands of books (and straightening the shelves), processing books, repairing bookscreating displays, organizing, sending out overdue notices, etc.  They led book clubs, tech clubs, and tutored one on one.  They helped students find books and check out booksHannah translated all of our signs into Spanish (a goal I have had for two years).They set up the Book Fair, restocked, and ran the register. They prepped the kids for Battle of the Books, and helped me run the battles. They organized the book giveaway for World Book Night (which was gargantuan). They listened when our kids shared their poems during Poetry Cafe. Much of the Poetry Picnic set-up was completed by these interns- many of whom came back that night to volunteer.  In short, their work helped make our library programming amazing.  I miss them already- and know the kids will too!
We dined at Sr. Sol after the Poetry Picnic.

I appreciate all the volunteers I have had this year!  Several of our parents have also been integral to helping me complete many of the tasks mentioned in the paragraph above (special thanks to Illona, Brandy, Chris, Cori, and Jodi, who have volunteered regularly, and any of you who have put in hours here). Mr. Leon and Mr. Keith from Forest Heights Baptist Church are making great headway on the inventory and helping shelve the onslaught of books students and teachers are returning as we wrap up this year. Your work is invaluable to be, but more than that, your time enriches the programming I am able to offer for our kids.

Speaking of gratitude, special thanks goes to our PTA Board- Linda Renzulli, Cori Pringle, and Seth Hendershot- who provided funding for last Friday's K-1 Poetry Off the Page Performance (as well as for the countless hours they spend supporting our school). Their donation paid for a return visit from our favorite performers, Marty Barrett and Pat Bell, who again made poetry come alive for our kids in the younger grades.  We cannot thank you enough, PTA.  You rock our world!

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