Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Poetry, Poetry, Poetry Galore

Is Mr. Barrett writing lines from the Jabberwocky?
Poetry Picnic was Monday night- and a fabulous time was had by all! We had fun stations like Poetry Bookmark, where you could write all or part of your favorite poem onto a bookmark,

Poetry Face Paint, where you could choose a poem and have its corresponding image painted on your face,
Decorate a Poem, where you illustrated a poem of your choosing,

Poetry Word Scramble, where you created poems, 

Ms. Collins and Ms. Farber working the Poetry Walk!

Poetry Walk, where you listened to poems read on cd (from must-have Nikki Giovanni's Hip-Hop Speaks to Children: A Celebration of Poetry With a Beat) and then chose a book as a prize,

Poetry Performance Station, where you could perform your favorite poems or ones that you wrote,

and universal crowd-pleaser Poetry on Demand, where our poets wrote a poem on any subject you chose.

   This event would not have been possible without our volunteers, staff and the students who made it so fun.  A huge thanks to you all!

   In other exciting news, our PTA is funding a Poetry Off the Page Performance this Friday, May 3 @ 9:45 for our Kindergarten and 1st Grade.  We can hardly wait for the return of Marty Barrett and Pat Bell.  Thanks, PTA! We love you!!!

   Also, next Monday and Tuesday, Rebecca Ballard from the Athens-Clarke County Library will be here to discuss the summer reading program.  There are lots of cool incentives for those who participate, though the best present of all is to read, read, read- especially now, when you are young and have the time

  Lastly, if you didn't catch it, check out this article about our World Book Night distribution.  Few things make me happier than to be able to share books with my students!

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