Friday, August 30, 2013

Awesome August!

Hola, Wildcats! Hope you are having a great year so far!  I have so enjoyed having you in the LMC.  Hope you are loving reading the new books you have checked out.

We are excited about our new projects in the library media center! First, we have been working hard to re-label all of the shelves.  We now feature selected authors that we know you will enjoy! 

      As you can see the shelves are now very neatly labeled! We hope this will make it easier for you to find what you like now.

We have also been processing lots of wonderful new books for you to read.  You might notice that we've redone the yellow brick road!

 Mr. Leon, one of our volunteers, working on the yellow brick road!

This semester we have lots of interns joining us from UGA! Next week we will introduce you to all of our fabulous interns.  Make sure to say hi to them when visiting the library media center!

   One of our interns, Taylor G., labeling shelves in the Fiction section

Reading and making sense of what you read is the most important skill a 21st learner can have. This week, we kicked off our first Reading Rock Stars Rewards at WOW assembly! Watch our awesome video below, to find out how you can become a Reading Rock Star! Also visit our website for more information.

Yesterday, I was able to meet Newbery Award-winning author Gennifer Choldenko at Avid Bookshop! She signed some of her novels JUST FOR US! Choldenko is the author of the Al Capone series.  You can find all of her books here.

Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend.  Happy Reading!

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