Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Welcome back! Bienvenidos!

Welcome back Wildcats!  It was so thrilling to see all of your smiling faces this morning.  I look forward to working with you this year!

Our school library media center was recognized in lots of exciting ways over the summer.

  1.  We received a Shining Star Award for the work we did in the library (which could not have been accomplished without help from our amazing staff, students and volunteers). Thanks so much, Anonymous Admirer!  Feeling the LOVE!

  2. We earned a $500 grant from the Foundation for Excellence to buy new graphic novels (!!!) for our L.M.C.  The grant was called Graphics Galore. Suggestions (besides more Amulet:))? Let Ms. Sugiuchi know!
  3. We earned special recognition from the Clarke County School District for our "Robust Media Program," an honor that again could not have been achieved without the help of our amazing students, staff and volunteers. Chills! Go Wildcats!
  4. At the end of last year, Dr. Dunne was able to allocate $1000 extra for the LMC.  We just received some amazing new books, which I am preparing to process for the shelves.  This includes the ENTIRE GOOSEBUMPS SERIES in hardcover. There are super cool titles like Be Careful What You Wish For, Stay Out of the Basement, You Can't Scare Me, How I Learned to Fly, and so many more.... All of you should give Dr. Dunne big hugs!
  5. Our school motto this year is Reading- an Adventure of a Lifetime! Lectura- una Aventura de toda una VIDA! We have lots of exciting activities planned like...
  6. Our Reading Rock Stars Program- which begins now. Guidelines will go home next week, and a video about our program was uploaded today.
  7. One other cool thing: I(Ms. Sugiuchi) met one of my favorite authors, Rebecca Stead, at a conference in July. Ask me about her books, When You Reach Me, Liar and Spy, or First Light. They are so cool (and can be found in F STE).
    Deirdre Sugiuchi / Rebecca Stead

    Deirdre Sugiuchi and Rebecca Stead

    Last of all- if you know of anyone who would like to volunteer in our LMC, please email Ms. Sugiuchi at or call 706-549-0762, ext. 60280. Just one hour each week would be a huge help in continuing to improve our LMC PROGRAM. Or feel free to just stop by!

Looking forward to working with all of you! Can't wait to check you out some of our amazing books...or show you how to use the latest digital learning applications.  Big hugs! Happy Reading!

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