Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Glogster, Other Goose, Br'uh Rabbit and Reading Thrills!

My dog, Mary Hambidge, is a borador.
We had the best time ever in the L.M.C. last week!  Tech clubs began. Groups from 4th and 5th grade learned how to access and use glogster, a digital poster we can create online. Since everyone LOVES dogs, we researched boradors as an example. We discussed how it is important to:       1. Research your topic first.
2. Input content into your glog (ideally from your graphic organizer), then create the fancy fluorishes later.  
3. Cite our sources- which is so easy  using websites like easybib
4. Remember to spell words correctly.  Use correct punctuation and grammar.
5. Only use your first name on the glog.  

We had some great read-alouds.  2nd Grade read Virginia Hamilton's Br'uh Rabbit and the Tar Baby Girl, one of Ms. Sugiuchi's faves- Br'uh Rabbit is such a complex character, just like a real person (even though he is a rabbit:)).  We also watched this video about Virginia Hamilton, an African-American female who was one of the most honored writers of children's literature of all-time. She won a Newbery as well as three Newbery Honors, plus dozens more awards galore. We loved one quote especially from the video- "Children must read to live."  Yes! 

And the kindergarten and I have been so enjoying comparing and contrasting traditional Mother Goose rhymes with new school classic Other Goose by J. Otto Seibold.  We love to read them call and response style, and to discuss how Seibold made the rhymes his own.

One last bit of awesomeness- at the beginning of the year, Mr. McAllister visited the library.  He had a student who could not find the right book for him to read, and needed some advice. One of the books we chose was Abner and Me by Dan Gutman.  Guess what? J.P. was so stoked about the book that last Friday he spent his lunch in the library writing a book report- which he plans to condense into a shelf talker!  I always believe that no kid hates reading- they only have to find the right book. Thanks, J.P., for loving our library books! Chills!

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