Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Fair, Book Groups, and Go, Dog, Go!

Hola, Wildcats! I hope you enjoyed your long weekend, remembered that books build brains, and spent some free time reading! Don't forget- Reading Rock Star logs are due October 22.

The book fair is coming!

Our Fall Book Fair will begin next Monday, October 14.  Sales will begin at 10 a.m. that morning, but we'd love your help setting up the book fair from 7:30-9:30.  If you would like to volunteer, you can click here to sign up at Volunteer Spot. Feel free to email me or call 706-549-0762 ext. 60280. Our book fair schedule and online book fair can be found here.

Our 3rd and 4th grades have continued to learn how to find books using the Dewey Decimal System.  We have been on several library scavenger hunts, and have been learning how to locate books on shelves with this video.

Do you love dogs? I do!
Last week kindergarten and I read one of my favorite books ever- Go, Dog, Go! I have so many great memories of reading this book with my son <3. Using our document camera, we projected the book onto our screen, and practiced reading  choral style- our students reading each line after I read. We found several of our sight words in Go, Dog, Go! We decided that in the spring we definitely have to have a big dog party.  I can hardly wait!
Ms. Jane's crew is reading Dead End in Norvelt.

Our UGA interns began meeting with our 4th and 5th grade book clubs.  We are using the 4th and 5th grade Battle of the Books selections as our texts. Last week the groups were able to meet their mentors. I am so excited to see the projects they create with their clubs! Even more- I LOVE seeing our wildcats get so stoked about reading!
Ms. Ashley D. conducting a book talk on
Andre Stoudemire's Home Court.

Ms. Ashley S.'s girls are reading
Whatever After: Fairest of All.

Ms. Taylor G.'s folks are reading
 My Life in Dog Years.

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