Friday, December 6, 2013

Skyping in the OAES Spectrum Class

Mrs. Thoms, one of our spectrum instructors, recently collaborated on a fun skyping activity between her class and other schools.   

Fourth grade Spectrum classes are extending social studies, math and language arts standards into Mystery skyping lessons.  Skyping is a lesson that requires collaborative planning not only on the part of the students but also on the part of the teachers. The concept is simple: classrooms skype call each other and try to guess where the other classroom is located either in the United States or in the world.  On the day of the call, students divide into multiple jobs such as greeters, google mappers, paper mappers, mapquesters, inquirers, logical reasoners, note takers, videographers, photographers and tweeters.  Students then use their resources to try to beat the other class in locating the state, city and sometimes exact school they are skyping.  The session is ended with a friendly question and answer session sharing information about the two locations.  So far we have established new friends in California, Georgia,  Idaho and New York City! 
-Sandy Thoms

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